Summer Sessions

June 6,2016 to June 25,2016, 9-11am/12-2pm/4-6pm
June 27,2016 to July 16,2016(with a 4th of July break), 9-11am/12-2pm/4-6pm.
July 18,2016 to August 6,2016, 9-11am/12-2pm/4-6pm.

Our Next Adult 6-hour Course is June 18,2016 8:30 am-3 pm

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Frost Driving School in Belton is located conveniently across the road from Belton High School. We are the safe choice for driver education. We have highly experienced driving instructors, each with 30 years experience who will guide you on your way to becoming a successful and safe driver. We are now offering ONLINE COURSES for Defensive Driving, an Adult Driver Course, and Parent Taught Driver Education Course
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